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"The Lost Gate" by Orson Scott Card

"The Lost Gate"
 is the first book in the 
Mithermages series by Orson Scott Card.  It is a wizard, fayish-Greek gods type fantasy.  By that I mean Orson is talking about "gods" yet these gods are living the lives of fay.  In my mind they were just fay.

I did not read this novel but listened to it via audio download from my library.  I think if I had read it I might have found it boring.  Listening was far more appealing.  

I'm not a pedifile, but have you ever fallen in love with a juvenile character in a novel?  I thought both Wad and Danny had the right stuff.  Though calling Danny a "man" of fiction might be pushing it.

I could see parts of this novel might be accused of being a repeat of previous themes; esp the young unloved boy discovers he's a mage.  I have not read enough fantasy to get burned out on any themes yet.  I personally loved this story because I loved the lead character!  I can really envision him growing into a suavy, handsome man.  In that context I stayed riveted.  My biggest complaint is that there is no sequel and it left on a to-be-continued sort of note.  It's depressing not to know what happens next.

Rating of 3.  I am more impressed with this book than what my rating allows.  The low rating is because it's a series with only one book in it.  Future novels could increase or decrease this rating based on how they add substance to the 1st book.

Link: http://s348070795.onlinehome.info/c/orson-scott-card/